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Make sure all links are relevant, put you in a good light, and (very importantly!) do not go to dead pages. Once you target the best keywords, be sure to use them in your current and prior job descriptions, as well as in your roster of skills. But even if your prospective employer isn’t using an ATS, including clear, relevant keywords increases the odds that your skills will jump off the page to someone screening with limited time. The All Content feed also serves as a great resource for curating approved content from other Army public affairs professionals in the CORE network. It hosts every article that has been publicly released to through CORE, including stories imported from DVIDS.

It’s about making sure your site is organized and that pages are linked in a logical way. This makes it easy for crawlers to get from your homepage to important content in as few clicks as possible. We can optimize your current efforts to rewrite pages and provide your team with keyword research. Workshop Digital has handcrafted SEO solutions for businesses of all sizes. We’ve diagnosed and resolved challenges for small businesses that depend on local rankings, and international corporations that need visibility. With a steady flow of new sales and a social media presence, you’re likely to see more conversations appearing online about your business. Some of those conversations will be great, while others will be a bit more negative.

We then take your words and make our non-substantive changes to it, in order to maximize its effectiveness. If you do not want us to make these minor changes to the site’s text, please let us know. Following the addition of new, high quality content, we tackle on-page optimization.

Thus, this searchable archive makes it easy for you to discover and share Army stories with your digital audiences, keeping your web look at these guys page active and relevant with little effort. Whether it is an internal or external link, the wording in your anchor text matters.

See our piece on Page Optimization Basics for more information on this topic. Sign up for our newsletter to receive curated digital marketing content. SEO at Workshop Digital helps refine your content creation efforts—so your blog posts reach a targeted audience. We optimize and manage your Google My Business listings to boost visibility and increase local traffic. We analyze its performance and optimize it to increase rankings and drive high-value traffic. Our free SEO assessments help analyze whether you should start with technical or on-page SEO—or whether you need to focus on things like local SEO or content marketing. Basically, technical SEO involves everything not related to content.

For those new to SEO slang ‘bounce rates’ are the percentage of visitors who visit a website then leave without accessing any other pages on the same site. Too much focus on technology results on flat, boring and potentially cold content. Ignoring technology means that your content may not appear in search results at the right time.

When locals are searching for what you and your competitors can offer them, be found first and win the sale. When you have chosen keywords, use them in paragraphs, headings, image descriptions, and METADATA. SEO is an activity that attempts to increase the relevance and rank of your site on a search engine. However, don’t insert hyperlinks just for the sake of doing so.

Google is the most popular search engine that marketers try to reverse engineer in this way. But while understanding how Google ranks web pages is important, understanding why Google ranks pages is even more so. Organic results are links that are not marked as ads on a traditional SERP. The SEO work we perform includes minor non-substantive changes to the site’s existing content/text, emphasizing the targeted keyword phrases. We make recommendations on new content; the writing of any new substantive content is the responsibility of the client. We are happy to connect you with great copywriters if writing the new content is not easily done within your organization.

That’s when reputation management can help you navigate those conversations and maintain a positive impression for your company. search engine marketing, and reputation management, you can build a powerful presence for your brand online, which leads to more sales. Search engine optimization isn’t easy, and it’s near impossible to perform in-house at your business. Let our experts take care of everything for you so that you can focus on the operational side of your business. Search engines are used daily by people to find products or services they’re interested in purchasing.

A ‘Pro’ subscription costs $99.95 per month which includes access to all SEO tools. The domain overview does much more than provide a summation of your competitors’ SEO strategies. You can also detect specific keywords they’ve targeted as well as access the relative performance of your domains on both desktop and mobile devices. Traffic analytics helps to identify your competitors’ principle sources of web traffics, such as the top referring sites. This enables you to drill down to the fine details of how both your and your competitors’ sites measure up in terms of average session duration and bounce rates. Additionally, “Traffic Sources Comparison” gives you an overview of digital marketing channels for a bunch of rivals at once.