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Content-as-a-Service is a ghostwriting service that helps feed the ever-present content beast for your website. We produce, edit and publish content on the site of your choice–including your own. We believe in this idea of continual fine-tuning so much that we named our company VONT, which means to achieve exponential improvement in incremental steps. Search also includes some features that personalize results based on the activity in your Google account. For example, if you search for “events near me” Google may tailor some recommendations to event categories we think you may be interested in. These systems are designed to match your interests, but they are not designed to infer sensitive characteristics like your race, religion, or political party.

Very few people know the actual details of Google’s algorithm. That’s because Google keeps its exact algorithm secret, and it updates it best online marketing frequently, which keeps the SEO community on its toes. An ever-growing library of resources to help you become a better online marketer.

Above all, the best thing for your page’s SEO is good content. Page titles are automatically generated by TerminalFour based on the section name, so it is important to make sure that the name accurately reflects the page content. A meta description is also a brief summary or description of seo code your page’s content, but it’s composed by you. You can install an SEO plugin within your CMS, such as Yoast, that allows you to offer Google the content of the snippet. If Google decides your description is relevant to a user’s query, your meta description shows up in SERPs as a snippet.

If you don’t compose your own meta description, then Google will display its own snippet from the content on your page. It’s also important to remember to never reuse the same title tag for multiple pages on your website. Duplicate content on your site will get you penalized by Google. If you have two pages that are similar in content, either combine them into one page or come up with ways to differentiate and vary the content, which will include the title tags. (The above example is 58 characters.) This prevents a too-long title from getting cut off in search results. Your title tag is going to appear on SERPs, at the top of the page in your browser, and when you share your page on social media.

Your title tag should display a concise and accurate description of the content on the page, as this is critical to both user experience and SEO. Here are two key characteristics of content that we know Google favors. These days, the most important thing to understand about SEO is that your content must be high-quality, informative, and satisfying to a user. In essence, if your content impresses a human, then it will probably impress Google. That said, by studying how content performs, analysts have arrived at some conclusions as to how you can make your content more attractive to Google’s algorithm.