Seo For Beginners

You don’t want to compete against yourself across different sites. You can also use Google Trends and Google Adwords Keyword Planner to get a sense of what phrases are more or less popular in search queries. The video description is the best option for displaying your transcript on YouTube. The description field fits 4,850 characters including spaces.

Join our mailing list to receive future updates of new content on our site. Optimize your YouTube video page using keyword variances and adding captions. After promotion and traffic have waned, place your video on YouTube.

In some instances, we may also personalize your results using information about your recent Search activity. For instance, if you search for “Barcelona” and recently searched for “Barcelona vs Arsenal”, that could be an important clue that you want information about the football club, not the city. When ranking results, Google Search also evaluates whether webpages are easy to use. When we identify persistent user pain points, we develop algorithms to promote more usable pages over less usable ones, all other things being equal. Next, algorithms analyze the content of webpages to assess whether the page contains information that might be relevant to what you are looking for. For example, our synonym system helps Search know what you mean by establishing that multiple words mean the same thing.

Closed captions make your YouTube videos accessible to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. It also lets people watch your video on a noisy train inbound marketing or in a quiet library with the sound muted. In essence, captions make your video viewable, understandable, and enjoyable for a larger audience.

That’s usually enough to fit a transcript for a dialogue-heavy, 10-minute video. You can always add a truncated version of your transcript with a link to the full version on a separate web page.

Relevant, short (four-six videos), subcategorized playlists can greatly boost user experience and engagement. It also makes it easy to share multiple videos at a time, by sharing a link to the playlist instead of one video. Ok, not quite, but Google does understand what searchers mean. You might be tempted to title use the #1 searched phrase or term as your title, but don’t. Instead, answer the user’s question in your title, and add the search term to the description. As we’ve learned, Google prioritized video in search results. But if your video lacks the appropriate metadata, it won’t be able to prioritize it.

Ideally, you want an image that is a great visual representation of your target keyword; this will take your presence in relevant results even further. YouTube uses your transcript and captions to rank your video accordingly. Just make sure that you are including an accurate transcript, as you wouldn’t want YouTube’s auto-captions to botch your keyword. Trying to ride trending topics irrelevant to your video content will only result in a negative score later. Remember, if you plan to post your video on several domains in addition to YouTube, you should vary the keyword phrases slightly.

This capability allows Search to match the query “How to change a lightbulb” with pages describing how to replace a lightbulb. This system took over five years to develop and significantly improves results in over 30% of searches across languages. Last but not least on our list is RavenTools, an SEO audit and marketing reporting tool that’s designed for agencies, but can be used by any brand looking to analyze their SEO, PPC and social media progress. They use databases known as indexes to store these web pages. Whenever a user enters a search query, the web crawlers search the indexes to determine which web pages are relevant.