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We increase your visibility by working to create a website according to “best practices” for search engines. The text of a link should inform a person and a search engine of what will happen when they click on it. Keywords are words and phrases that serchers use in their queries. If you can reduce all of your content into a few words, those would be keywords. A search engine can ‘read’ and catalog every piece of text and HTML on your site. It knows the difference between a paragraph, a table, a list, a link, and an image.

It correlates all of these things to determine what is actually on the page. Consider adding links to your personal website, articles you’ve written in industry journals or publications, or sites that showcase your work. If you’re in a creative field, a link to your portfolio, to apps you’ve developed, or to articles you’ve penned can be very persuasive. For tech job seekers, including links to a video resume, online CV, or sites you’ve built are nice, tech-savvy touches. On the web, relevant hyperlinks to credible sources improve your readability and page rank within search engines.

Relevant hyperlinks can provide hiring managers evidence that you’re the best candidate for the job. To decide which keywords will be most attractive, review job postings and the LinkedIn profiles of people in your desired role. Check out job sites like The Muse, Indeed, and Dice to skim postings in your field and see which descriptive terms overlap. Check out professional journals relevant to your field to see what language is trending and how to couch yourself in the most appropriate terms. If your prospective employers are using an applicant tracking system , keywords can get you past the machine and in front of human eyes.

Determining the most used phrase that contains your targeted keyword is relatively easy. Online tools allow you to enter a particular keyword or words and will return all the ways in which that word was used by searchers in the last month and in what volume.

However, the most used phrase is also likely the one with the greatest competition within the search results and may, therefore, not be where you would want to devote your optimization efforts. A more effective approach is to find a set of phrases that are heavily used by searchers but somewhat less competitive in terms of the total number of search results. We strategically choose your keywords, write or re-write content, publish fresh content regularly, and other similar techniques.

There’s also a useful cheat sheet and diagnostics page to have a bird’s view of potential issues affecting a particular page or site. Key tools include the ability to audit your own site using the Moz Pro spider, which should highlight potential issues and recommend actionable insights. There’s also the ability to track your site rankings over hundreds or even thousands of keywords per website. Users can search both a ‘Fresh Index’ which is crawled and updated throughout the day, in addition to an ‘Historic Index’ which has been praised online for its lightning retrieval speed. One of the most popular features is the ‘Majestic Million’ which displays a ranking of the top 1 million websites.

Search engines crawl websites by following links – both internal and external – and use them to find out what content is related and valuable. Adding related links to your content will help to increase visibility and prioritize it on SERPs. Incorporating these trending topics into your content and SEO settings will add some specificity to your keywords and help to prioritize your content in SERPs. For example, if your story is about how Guardsmen are helping local residents during a hurricane, including the name of the hurricane in the headline and title tag.

This particular aspect of marketing, which involves creating and sharing unique online material, is a tactic many businesses are implementing to boost their sales targets. When SEO collaborates with other forms of digital marketing, great things happen. SEO can help brands identify how their customers are searching online.